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mm0cug masts: high-quality manufacturing and mast solutions

Our site is for amateur radio enthusiasts with a modest budget and/or limited space.

We specialise in masts, mast accesories and antenna kits at budget prices
We started building aluminium mast over 10 years ago as we found that most products offered by other companies were either too heavy duty and costly or too lightweight and not strong enough to cope with beam antennas and the UK weather.
Since then we have kept in contact with our customers and listened to their comments on improving design and coming up with solutions for fitting masts in restricted spaces, we are continually adding to our accessories catalogue thanks to ideas and input of the amateur radio community.
If you cannot find the product you are looking for please

Tel: 0845 83 82 944 Mobile 07597935492 or email enquire contact us and we will do our best to find a solution.


Give us a call or text on 07597935492. We'll be happy to discuss our high-quality work and find out exactly how we can help.

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Tel: 0845 83 82 944 

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